A feminine and fun dress made with Taffeta. The dress features a fitted bodice, back invisible zip, gathered details at bust, and asymmetrical flare to hem.

Yolanda Dress

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  • Material: Taffeta is a fine, crisp, noisy woven fabric with a lustrous sheen that rustles when you walk!  The word “taffeta” derives from the Persian word tafta, which means “glossy twist” and originally the fabric was woven with highly twisted silk fibres. It’s the highly twisted yarn that gives taffeta its characteristic crispness and these days taffeta can be found made from a variety of modern fibers such as nylon, viscose, polyester, acetate, or even a blend of these fibres.


    Step 1 - Fill a sink or large basin with lukewarm or cold water. Although taffeta is shrink-resistant, hot water may cause colors to bleed or fade. Add a capful of gentle shampoo or soap for hand washables. Never use bleach, which is harsh and may strip the color from the garment.

    Step 2 - Dunk the taffeta dress gently in and out of the sudsy water. Use gentle motions and avoid rough handling or agitation.

    Step 3 - Rinse the dress twice, or until the water runs clear and all soap residue is removed.

    Step 4 - Squeeze the excess water carefully from the dress. Avoid wringing or twisting, which may stretch the fabric and distort the shape of the garment.

    Step 5 - Roll the dress in a clean white towel to remove excess moisture, then hang the dress on a rustproof hanger.

    Step 6 - Allow the dress to dry in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight, which may weaken the fibers.


    • Models wear DITL Medium.