A feminine and functional dress made with Damask. The dress features a fitted bust, exaggerated hips, open and close back zip, elasticated puff sleeves, and peplum frill to hem.

Material: Damask - a firm lustrous fabric (as of linen, cotton, silk, or rayon) made with flat patterns in a satin weave on a plain-woven ground on jacquard looms


Colours: Black, White, Bright Vintage Floral, Dark Vintage Floral.


Length: Mini (36") 


  • Model wears DITL Small (Bust: 35, Waist: 27, Hips: 39).

Desirée Dress

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  • Care: If hand-washing is suggested, always use cool water and a mild detergent. Never scrub vigorously, wring or twist the garment. Extra care should be taken when laundering the fabric to prevent snagging and to protect the long floating threads that form the design and give brocade its lovely finish from breakage.